Amuro's Bouncing Trampoline

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The Beginnings of Trampoline

A fun past time called trampolining was conceived by the Inuit in the 18th century, they would throw each other up in the air using a skin of a walrus. People in Europe also have similar thing as having been thrown up in the air by a group of people using blanket. The firemen invented a net-like trampoline called the life nets in 1887 to catch people jumping out of buildings on fire.

Trampoline Safety Features

Trampoline with enclosure, spring cover, suitability for kids or adults.

Trampoline Maintenance

Trampoline replacement parts, such as nets, springs and bounce mats.

Little Tikes Trampoline

Little Tikes, the brand name behind the Little Tikes trampoline, is a children’s toys manufacturer based in the US. Their products consists mostly molded plastic toys targeting mainly at young kids and babies, for both outdoor and indoor usage, including trampoline, turtle sandbox and party kitchen.

Pure Fun Trampoline

Pure Fun trampolines are known for its’ affordable prices. The durability and quality of the trampolines are comparable as well. The most popular size is the Pure Fun 14 foot trampoline.

My First Trampoline - 88"

My First trampoline with enclosure – 88” is a good trampoline set for the kids. The recommended age is 3 to 10 years. It is meant for kids, the size is quite small 88 inch or 224 cm in diameter, ideal for them and like the name suggest, it is their first trampoline set.

All About Trampoline

Tips and tricks for trampoline activities, reviews of popular brands, recommendation for age groups and different purposes of using the trampoline.