Trampoline Fun – Part 1

Do You Know That Your Trampoline Can Have More Fun – Part 1

So, you have already got your trampoline. If your trampoline is for recreation with family and friends and there are kids involved,  you will love this.

We have compiled the top 5 games for trampoline to give you ideas to have more fun with your trampoline. Yay!

  1. Slamdunking

Now everyone can be like Michael Jordan. Install a basketball hoop at the top corner of your trampoline and everyone can be a pro. You can have competition on who can slamdunk the most. It is a great way to encourage the kids to play outdoors. Great hand-eye coordination practice and confidence boost for the kids for aspire to play basketball.


  1. Wet Trampolining

You can do that in the rain or even better, make the rain yourself by installing sprinklers at the top of the trampoline. There are many ways to have wet fun on your trampoline. You can also put across a few leaking hose over the top of the trampoline, or even ask someone to hold the hose spraying towards the trampoline but I really do not want to be the person holding the hose. Who would want to miss out on all the fun?


  1. Trampoline Camping

If you have been camping, you know it is fun. Try double the fun when you actually can camp on your trampoline! You can make a simple camp or even make it into a castle. There are many customized tents for trampoline with different sizes. Choose the one you like and your kids will not want to sleep indoors anymore, even husbands sometimes.

trampoline tent

  1. Trampoline Pool

If you have a pool, the idea is to put your trampoline beside it so that you can jump with style into the pool. You will never look at pool and trampoline separately ever again. It is a must-have if you have a pool.

  1. Drawing

Who says you can’t have fun while learning? All you need to do is to buy a bunch of color chalks and let you kids draw whatever they want on the trampoline. It can be washed off easily, so do not worry and let their creativity flow.

Try these out and we will have more ideas coming to you soon. Meanwhile, keep bouncing!