Trampoline Fun – Part 2

Do You Know That Your Trampoline Can Have More Fun – Part 2

Ready to have some fun again? We have managed to compile more fun ideas!

  1. Trampoline dart

    Of course not using the real dart, you silly, draw a bulls-eye on your trampoline with a chalk or colorful chalks and try to hit the bulls-eye with water balloons or sponges (anything soft and wet has got to be fun right?). Want more challenge? Try bouncing on the trampoline and hitting your target, test that hand-eye co-ordination of yours.

  2. Water balloons

    Did somebody say water balloons? Prepare yourselves with a water balloons war on a trampoline! Imagine.. you are going for war with water balloons as your ammunition and suddenly earthquake hits the war field but the war has to be won no matter what.. charge!!

  3. Bubble time

    Everyone likes bubbles. Bubble-blowing parents, prepare to make your kids’ day. It will have your kids popping bubbles all day, of course you will be blowing bubbles all day, unless you get an automatic bubble-blowing machine or gun.

  4. Bouncing balls

    Lots of bouncing balls, buy those soft plastic color balls, lots of them, and pour them out on the trampoline. That’s got to be fun! Let them burrow themselves in those balls. balls

  5. Winter bouncing

    Who said you can’t have fun during winter? When your trampoline is full of snow, go bounce on it. With some serious bouncing, you would not even feel the cold, and kids, you will do your daddy and mommy a favor for clearing the snow off the trampoline. Go get your reward from your parents for doing a chore without them asking 😉snow+on+trampoline

There you have it, another 5 cool tips to have fun with your trampoline. We will compile more fun tips and share with you soon. Happy bouncing!