Trampoline With Enclosure for Safety

3 Tips To Ensure Safety For My Trampoline

Recently more and more families are aware of the benefits of owning a trampoline, fun for the kids and adults and a rather enjoyable kind of exercise as well. But many are not aware of the safety measures to prevent unwanted accidents, although it’s quite rarely reported, yet still an important factor especially for parents to consider. First and foremost, rules must be established between parents and children when playing on a trampoline and secondly a net for trampoline or sometimes called a trampoline with enclosure is advisable to safeguard the kids from falling off.

What Is A Trampoline With Enclosure And What Are The Benefits?

The main function of this net for the trampoline is to prevent anyone from falling off while bouncing on a trampoline. By itself the trampoline does not cause any injury to the user, the springs are covered and the trampoline bed is durable. Most of the accidents happened when the users bounce off the trampoline and landed on the ground, especially if you have other objects on the ground like bikes, chairs, furniture, hard stone patios ground, etc.

Trampoline Safety Net

Safety Tips

  1. Rules need to be established with especially kids not to jump at the edge of the trampoline or do advanced techniques like back-flips and such.
  2. It is ideal for only one user at a time using the trampoline but sometimes if there are more users, the advice is to spread out. This is to prevent colliding with each other. With the trampoline enclosure net in place, users can bounce safely at the periphery of the trampoline bed rather than in the middle.
  3. Periphery holding spots and bigger holes for the net – net for trampoline with big enough holes allows guardians viewing on the side to grab onto the netting and avoid falling inward and colliding with a user. An even bigger openings allow supervision from outside of the enclosure without any obstruction to their view of what is going on.

JumpKing Trampoline Net

JumpKing is the biggest trampoline producer in the whole world and they have been around for the past 20 years. Their focus are more towards the mid to upper ranges rather than kids. They have the 10ft and 12ft trampoline with enclosure but if only nets are required, it can also be purchased as trampoline replacement parts. JumpKing trampoline nets are compatible with all circular trampolines with 4 leg pairs joined underneath or 8 equally-spaced legs. The net fits all standard 10 foot and 12 foot trampolines.

JumpKing Trampoline Net

As for the 6ft and 8ft trampoline with enclosure, you will need to find a net compatible to 3 legs, 6 poles usually. It is not available from JumpKing.